Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's What You Know

Part Four:  Our last spotlight is on the relationship of the knowledge worker and time management, problem solving, strategic planning and critical thinking.

The knowledge worker will not just manage time; he bends it to his will. With wireless devices and worldwide communication, the knowledge worker will have no concept of being “at work.” The eight-hour shift will have no meaning. She will work in an “on demand” style and will manage portfolios of projects with deadlines that merge and then diverge with collaborators from various physical locations around the world. The knowledge worker will be strategic in the way he completes day-to-day tasks. Critical thinking will be at the core of many tasks encountered by the knowledge worker. Knowledge workers will be all about solving problems and sharing schema, ideas and plans to solve a variety of problems.

What new and exciting ideas may come from the knowledge age?

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