Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Coin Toss

At the beginning of the Super Bowl, the referees and the team captains perform the ceremonial coin toss. The official shows both sides of the coin to the team captains before they “call it” to demonstrate the validity of the coin.

“Two sides of the same coin,” that expression started me thinking about its meaning, So I did some research.
The expression, “two sides of the same coin,” is an English idiom meaning two very different or opposite characteristics of the same thing. I began to wonder how that phrase applied to my own situation. If I am experiencing a loss or a failure, is it just because of the side of the coin that I’m on? 

What would happen if I flip the coin? Will I find a new solution that will be more satisfying, productive or profitable?

If every challenge or decision we face is a coin, do we look at both sides of the coin before we land on one side or the other? Do you know how to flip your coin?

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