Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Continue the Dialog

During this morning's brainstorming meeting we discussed many aspects of professional development, training and investing in human capital. We appreciate your direct, honest input and  feedback. We don't know about you, but it seemed that we had just gotten started when it was time to finish. Would you like to continue the conversation? If so, please do so in this electronic format.

We pose, once again, the last few questions from this morning. We invite your ideas, comments and responses. It is our hope to continue this discussion in an ongoing fashion; we invite your participation in shaping the training offerings through The Corporate University to respond to your needs.

Consider the following:
What do you think your professionals will need to develop their skills and abilities one to five years from now?

How will your workplace look and how will it be different one to five years from now?

Are your workforce plans changing substantially when you look ahead to 2015?


  1. Regarding the 1-5 years from now comment...
    Babcock & Wilcox is experiencing, as many of you also discussed in our session together, a large increase in generational gap issues. Three issues prevail surrounding this topic:
    1. Our lifetime-employees are rapidly exiting our workforce.
    2. A younger generation of workers are rapidly entering our workforce, minus the intent to remain for their lifetime nor be committed long-term to the company.
    3. These two generations are having difficulty sharing knowledge, learning from each other, harnessing talent and experience in a hand-off environment.
    These three obstacles lead us to encourage workforce development, succession planning, and communication or trade/talent/skill knowledge transfer. We are working diligently to promote mentor/mentee relationships, build employee soft skills for improved communication, and increased efforts to eliminate gaps in our workforce.
    Any and all assistance with programs and idea sharing such as these topics would be awesome... Especially from companies succesful in accomplishing similar feats.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Melissa. We are continuing to gather information and ideas for the purpose of improving our programs. We appreciate your thoughts.