Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Riding in the Bed of a Pickup Truck

Risky behaviors! You know what I’m talking about. Those little activities you may have done as a young person. Diving head first into a pond when you couldn’t see bottom. Riding in the bed of a pickup truck to the football game. Blowing up tin cans with M80s in your backyard. All of these are risky activities, and some have more inherent dangers than others.

What is the attraction to risky behavior? Is it the thrill of potential heights we might reach or the danger of the crash-and-burn? Do we get an adrenaline rush when we participate in such activities?

Risk – it is an interesting concept. When you avoid all risk, your organization could stagnate. Take unnecessary or foolhardy risks and you could lose it all. How can you balance risk in your organization?

What skills, tools and information do you need to take calculated, smart risk to grow your business? How do you know when and what you should risk?

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