Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Strange Weather, La Nina and Global Warming

I live in Northeast Ohio and we have had some strange weather in the past year. We had a near record-breaking number of continuous days with snow last winter. Winter turned to summer by jumping from freezing temperatures to blazing hot temperatures practically overnight. We have had rain and rain and rain and more rain. Something seems off.

Discussions of the weather invariably lead to discussions of what is causing these strange trends. The discussions range from talk of La Nina, a weather phenomenon courtesy of the west coast of the U.S. to the wrath of Mother Nature to Global Warming. The controversy surrounding global warming can, in itself,  lead to heated and vocal debates. I don’t know about meteorological events; I leave that to our veteran, local TV weatherman and Kent State Alum, Dick Goddard. 

May I propose thinking globally for a moment on another subject? In the future world of work, all trends point to an economy dependent upon organizations working across geographic and political boundaries. The world is becoming more flat and interdependent than ever in the past. We get food from South America, cars from the Far East and Europe. Global demand for products leads to thinking globally.

 In the future, instead of sending jobs off shore we will work together to provide goods and services both locally and around the world.  Are you prepared to adapt to the cultures and values of a global client base and a global workforce? I propose a new definition to “global warming”. I say, let us consider “global warming” to be the willingness to conduct business across the world. Does your workforce have what is takes to accept the challenge?  Is your organization “warming” to global business?

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